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with exclusively developed multilayer coating

ATORN RockTec PRO milling cutters are particularly suitable for machining steels < 1400 N/mm, < 55 HRC, < 60 HRC and < 65 HRC. The wide product range covers all geometries with the highest precision.

The new TiAlSiN multilayer coating, developed exclusively for ATORN, impresses with its extreme hardness and lowest friction for optimum results.

Especially in tool and mould making, hard machining is playing an increasingly important role and is replacing more and more time-consuming processes such as grinding or eroding. But also in other areas, components must still be machined after hardening. This often confronts milling tools with great challenges.

ATORN now offers highly specialised milling cutters for all kinds of milling applications. These high-performance tools are ideal for hard machining up to 65 HRC.

Thanks to their optimised geometry and the new, extremely hard multilayer coating, ATORN RockTec PRO milling cutters ensure low friction and are therefore particularly resistant to abrasion. For example, they machine high-alloy tool steels such as 1,2379 at high cutting speeds of up to 250 m/min and tooth feeds of 0.001 to 0.15 mm.



Test Winner

The quality of the new ATORN RockTec PRO milling cutters is demonstrated by their victory in a comparative test conducted by GFE Gesellschaft für Fertigungstechnik und Entwicklung Schmalkalden e.V., in which the ATORN RockTec PRO milling cutters prevailed over competitors in a hard milling test.

A tool steel 1.2379(X153 CrMo V12) with a hardness of 58 HRC was machined. Test paths with defined ap and ae were milled with different solid carbide cutters. The ATORN RockTec PRO milling cutters had the longest tool life in the overall result and thus came first in the overall evaluation.

Test results

  • Low flank wear
  • Few breakouts
  • Hardly any built up edge
  • Minimum coating abrasion


  • Cutting edge diameter: 0 / -0.005 mm
  • Radius of torus cutter: ± 0,0025 mm
  • Radius contour radius copy cutter: 0 / -0.005 mm
  • Clearance diameter: 0 / - 0.01 mm


SC multi-tooth mills

SC torus milling cutter

SC radius milling cutter

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