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Hand stroboscope
Hand stroboscope - 1
Hand stroboscope - 2
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Hand stroboscope

RT Strobe Pocket LED

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You need more information or have not found your desired product?

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determining and monitoring rotation speed or oscillation frequency of rotating or vibrating systems without interrupting the production process. in places that are difficult to access, on particularly delicate systems, and for detecting undesirable oscillation resonances. suitable for inspecting motors, turbines, pumps, ventilators, centrifuges, systems for paper and film manufacturing, vibrating tables, vibrating and oscillating screens. measurement principle: the stroboscope works with infinitely adjustable light frequency. for the purposes of the test, the stroboscope is pointed towards the object and the flash frequency is adjusted by actuating the corresponding keys. if the flash frequency of the stroboscope does not concur with the flash frequency of the test object, this object is indicated visually as a stationary image. the frequency indicated on the display corresponds to the rotation speed of the object.


  • Latest LED technology
  • Continuously adjustable light frequency
  • High illuminance across the entire frequency range
  • High adjustment accuracy and stability
  • Adjustable flash duration
  • Frequency range 30...300,000 FPM


Stroboscope, batteries 3 x 1.5 V type AA, case