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TESA TWIN-T20 electronic display units

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TESA TWIN-T20 electronic display units

For TESA electronic length measuring probes with half bridge and handheld measuring instruments via USB (TESA, Mahr, Mitutoyo, Sylvac)

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You need more information or have not found your desired product?

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State-of-the-art touchscreen display unit for simultaneous display of several measured values. Connections are available for inductive TESA length measuring probes and USB connections for other measuring instruments. Ideal for production facilities and measuring rooms.


  • Modern 7" colour touchscreen display with high display quality
  • dynamic measurements (min, max, max-min, average etc.)
  • Formulas: +A, -A, +B, -B and combinations of A and B
  • adjustable tolerances with OK/NOK display
  • integrated classification function (max. 8 classes, coloured), NEW: also with nominal values
  • Measured value displays: 2; measurement programmes: 2; sequences: 2
  • Connections: 2x TESA length measuring probes (half bridge), 2x TESA digital length measuring probes, 1x TESA BUS, 2x USB-A
  • Data output via RS232, USB or Bluetooth®
  • 3 switches that are adjustable in parallel: 1x touchscreen function key (NEW), 2x switch inputs (for 1x USB switch, 1x jack plug switch; switches must be purchased separately)
  • available languages: DE, FR, IT, EN, KO, ZH, ES and JP


  • 4 display modes allow for optimal measurement display.
  • Automatic detection of connected inductive length measuring probes
  • 4300 measurements/second for dynamic measurements
  • simultaneous display of up to two measurements
  • Other connection options: Modbus; via TESA module: digital I/O switching modules to controllers, 2 additional probe inputs; ASCII commands; driverless keyboard signals


Optional accessories: Pen with pen holder 39640025, jack hand switch 39640030, jack foot switch 31171350, USB foot switch 39640032, TLC USB cable 39852210, TLC Bluetooth transmitter 39852240