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Thermal printer and logger CP-1VA

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Thermal printer and logger CP-1VA

With statistical data processing

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You need more information or have not found your desired product?

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DP-1VA printer allows printing of measured values and statistical evaluations and allows logging and exporting of recorded measurement data.


  • Digimatic Mini Processor DP-1VA
  • Digimatic, Digimatic 2, RS-232C input (KA counter only)
  • Printing speed: 6.5 mm/s (when using power adapter)
  • Printer number of lines: 7000 lines/roll (with large font), 10,000 lines/roll (with normal font)
  • Paper supply: Width: 58 mm, length: 48 m
  • Logging of measurement data (memory): Max. 1000
  • Data output: USB, RS-232C to TTL level, tolerance assessment result (-NG, GO, + NG)
  • Power supply: Power supply 6 V, battery: LR6 x 4 (alkaline) or AA x 4 Ni-MH
  • Timer function: 0.25 sec; 1 sec; 5 sec; 30 sec; 1 min; 30 min; 60 min (0.25 sec statistical function only)
  • Printable data: Measurement data, GO/± NO GO assessment, quantity of data, maximum/minimum value, range, average, standard deviation, number of defects, fraction defect, process capability, histogram, D-card, control diagram, generation for XD bar and control limit data, date and time


  • Statistical evaluations and data printing of measuring valves, micrometers and other measuring devices with Digimatic interface.
  • One-touch start for fast printing.
  • Timer function for time-controlled measurement data retrieval
  • Simple data transfer from thermal printer to a PC USB (VCP/HID) output for PC (USB IT-PAK V.2.1 or higher, MeasurLink, Excel etc.)
  • Data logger function. Stores up to 1000 records with time and date.